Eksu Na Scam : Studentship Revalidation Inspired Song

It is no news that few weeks ago, the management of Ekiti State University issued a notice of revalidation of studentship to her students.

This came few weeks after the crash of the university portal which has the database of the students of the school including the results, level, departments, evidences of payments and other vital information.

In the notice, the management required all receipts from 100l till present level of each students.

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These receipts include school fees, acceptance fees, faculty due, faculty and departmental association dues, smart school, SUG and others.

The students of the school were against this development as some of them can not find this receipts again.

They complained more about the exorbitant fee paid for smart school whose services they said they are not enjoying.

"I have been paying for smartschool for 2 years now, and I have not for once, connected it for anything"
 A student from the department of Theatre and Media arts said.

"It is not smart school, it's scam school" another EKSUITE lamented.

"They promised us 10gb, but it's a lie, it's 100mb, imagine, I just activated my smartschool and it didn't use a week before it was exhausted, the only time I connect it is in LT sciences, which I load whatsapp only" a student of biochemistry complained.

It has been emphasized by the management of the school that whoever fails to revalidate will lose studentship.

But the questions are;

 Does the management really mean to send students home?

Do they mean a 300level student who has been paying different fees and has the receipts also be sent home because of revalidation?

Will you go home as a student who is been sent home because you failed to revalidate?

A student of the school posted on his timeline,

 "By next two weeks,

 you'll hear something like EKITI STATE UNIVERSITY sent 22,345 students home or losed studentship due to the failure to participate in the revalidation exercise.

Abi no bẹ so,

Students shouldn't protest against revalidation or smart school for now,

let them send us home first...

Then they will see free style."

This developments in the school has caused talks and gists on EKSU CAMPUS which has made one of the students who is a recording artist to collaborate with others in recording a track titled

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