ASUU accuses AGF of imposing IPPIS on varsities

The Calabar zone of the Scholarly Staff Association of Colleges [ASUU], has blamed the Workplace for the Bookkeeper General of the Alliance (OAGF) of forcing the Incorporated Finance and Faculty Data Framework on colleges in the nation.

The Organizer ASUU Calabar Zone, Dr. Aniekan Darker said in a public interview in Uyo on Sunday that the OAGF has acquainted ideas absolutely outsider with laws impossible to miss to the every day running of colleges in the nation.

He communicated amazed why the Workplace of the Bookkeeper General of the Government was so twisted at compelling the college framework into IPPIS, while some other bureaucratic foundations are not constrained into it.

"The endeavor by the Workplace of the Bookkeeper General of the League [OAGF] to foist IPPIS on government colleges is an outrageous nullification and infringement of the traditions that must be adhered to. College independence is the bedrock of opportunity in grant and research, and scholastics watch it desirously.

"Aside from the threat that IPPIS predicts to the college framework, ASUU is balanced not to help the OAGF to damage the rules that everyone must follow. ASUU has presumably that decent Nigerians will support and remain by ASUU in the battle.

"Once more, the college framework is impossible to miss in its usual way of doing things. The method of work, retirement age[s], vacation leave, subordinate, low maintenance, contract commitment, and so forth are ideas that are exceptional to the college and clearly contrary to IPPIS.

"The OAGF has been affordable with every bit of relevant information about tending to these idiosyncrasies. Regardless of clear weaknesses to this arrangement of installment, the OAGF

is set on diving the college framework into avoidable disarray. We along these lines request that, the OAGF follow its means and regard to unrivaled thinking.

"Dear comrade, may we advise you that, any semblance of NNPC, FIRS, NJC, CBN, Nigerian Security and Stamping Press, National Get together Help Commission, and so forth have not been constrained into the IPPIS.

"This says a lot of the said 'battle against defilement'. The inquiry is the reason colleges whose state of administration and idiosyncrasies are garbled with the said IPPIS constrained into the plan?"

ASUU Calabar Zone, scowled at the charge of defilement leveled against it for kicking against the IPPIS, focusing on that, "For the evasion of uncertainty, there is no more terrible instance of debasement than violating or bypassing the law. As light bearers of Nigeria's scholarly still, small voice, ASUU is focused on convincing the government to be well behaved".

The question and answer session was gone to by Chairpersons of the Association from Abia state College, College of Uyo, College of Calabar, Akwa Ibom state College, Ebonyi state College, among others in the zone.

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