Many Dreaded Dead As Building Crumples In Lagos

Numerous individuals have been caught as a structure under development collapsed in Lagos.

The structure, which fallen at night of Friday around Glover Court Ikoyi, fell while laborers were attempting to deck the subsequent floor.

Affirming the structure breakdown, Dr Femi Oke-Osayintolu, CEO of the Lagos State Crisis The board Office, said the quantity of people caught was at this point to be discovered as he noticed that salvage endeavors was at present continuous.

He stated, "LASEMA has just enacted the Lagos Crisis Reaction Plan for every person on call for move to the site of the fallen structure.

"Lagosians inside the region of the episode have been ordered to remain quiet and enable crisis responders to carry out their responsibility.

"We are yet to know the quantity of people caught however I can reveal to you it was an uncompleted structure and laborers were nearby."

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