Just In: Five Female Secondary Students Rape Teacher To Coma In Ogun State

Ayetoro-Itele, a piece of Ogun state woke up to the updates on fiasco as a specific Science School instructor was being assaulted into a trance like state. The news broke out before morning as the man's associate called the consideration of the nearby police headquarters not a long way from where the malevolent demonstration was being dedicated.

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As per an eye onlooker, five auxiliary school young ladies inside the age scope of 16-18 strolled into the man's one-room lodgings, they were on mufti, so it was hard to discover which school they visit however he was sure they were understudies since they strolled in with notes and reading material. He, the onlooker, said he presumably thought they came to pay him a snappy recuperation visit as the educator was wiped out and couldn't go to class since resumption prior this week.

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These understudies had probably planned their coming as there was nobody around, everybody had gone to their various work stations aside from this man who happened to be at locally situated on close to home reasons. " I heard voices from inside his room, albeit black out on the grounds that our rooms are far separated. I thought he was only having some discourse, I heard the groans as well yet who might figure something to that effect would have occurred. I discovered him bare a couple of moments after the young ladies left as I needed to beware of his state thus I called the consideration of the closest police headquarters."

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The man has been raced to the closest emergency clinic and treatment has since started on him. The specialists and attendants are making a decent attempt to spare his life in any event, while the police have additionally started their examination in discovering the individuals who submitted this abhorrent demonstration.

The police are working in partners with the school the board and have guaranteed their full help in discovering these attacker understudies.

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In spite of the fact that the school chief has protected that none of his understudies had participated in this appalling demonstration yet until examinations are finished, nobody is guiltless yet.

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