In my mother's womb,I was longing to come alive.
When I was delivered, I received a bright smile, never knew it was a trick to trap my innocent soul into this cruel world.
I grew up in the lair ,
I was clothed with thorns,but all I see is a nice robe,never knew I was disguise to face the reality of life.

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I was nurtured by fellows filled with bad energy, pretends to be my shepherd but still stab me behind.
I shared my love with niggas who silently pray for my downfall,yet,they fake a smile at me.
Even my Blood query me sometimes, saying we ain't compatible.
I feared and call unto MESSIAH but he never sympathize.
Is he to be Blame ?
Or who am I to say GOD is unfair
I think LIFE itself is strange that no one could comprehend

©Urosnanah (softie)
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