Magu never said Coronavirus is caused by corruption- EFCC insists

The Monetary and Money related Wrongdoings Commission, is as yet demanding that its acting Director, Ibrahim Magu, never said that Coronavirus also called Covid19 is brought about by defilement.

Magu drifted a week ago after a video of him offering the said remark at the commission's passing out service in Kaduna, surfaced on the web.
In the video, Magu could be heard saying

"Debasement is the greatest procedure to mankind. Your Excellency, defilement is more terrible than all the infections currently running about. Furthermore, I emphatically accept, Your Excellency, that even the coronavirus is brought about by defilement."

The commission at first denied the claim. Today, the commission has given an announcement demanding that Magu never said Coronavirus was brought about by correuption.

In the announcement titled, 'Covid 19: Understanding what Magu said', the EFCC said Magu just asserted that defilement is more regrettable than malignant growth and coronavirus.

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