Lagos police commissioner orders immediate release of suspects arrested for minor offences as part of preventive measures against coronavirus

The Lagos State Police Magistrate Hakeem Odumosu has requested the quick arrival of suspects captured over minor offenses in the state, as a major aspect of preventive measures against coronavirus.

This was affirmed in an announcement discharged by the State Police Representative, Elkana Bala today Walk 21.

Bala expressed that in consistence with the rules and mandates gave by both the Central Government and Lagos State Government on anticipation of the spread of Coronavirus prevalently known as Covid 19, the order has set out on monstrous requirement of the boycott against get-togethers, clubs, gatherings, services and religion social occasions of in excess of 50 people in the state.

He further revealed that the order has revealed its clinical group to commercial centers for mindfulness creation and Police detainment offices to shield the wellbeing of suspects.

The announcement peruses in full;
Enforcement of ban on social gatherings, clubs, parties, ceremonies and religion gatherings of more than 50 persons in Lagos State.
Lagos State Police Command wishes to inform the General Public that the Command in compliance with the guidelines and directives issued by both the Federal Government and Lagos State Government on prevention of the spread of Corona virus popularly known as Covid 19 which the World Health Organisation has declared as a pandemic, has embarked on massive enforcement of the ban order.

2. To that effect, the Command has deployed adequate resources across the State to ensure that the orders are fully obeyed. The order imposed bans on social gatherings such as, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, burial ceremonies, parties, clubs and religion gatherings of people more than 50. Commercial vehicles carrying passengers above capacity (overloading) are also part of this order. Members of the public are encouraged to avoid overcrowding themselves at bus stops, market places, business places and scene of incidents.

3. The Commissioner of Police Lagos State, CP Hakeem Odumosu psc called on the good people of Lagos State to obey the safety regulations put in place for the benefit of everyone. We must be alive and healthy before socio economic activities will be effective.

4. The Command has rolled out its medical team to market places for awareness creation and Police detention facilities to safeguard the safety of suspects. The Commissioner of Police has ordered the immediate release of suspects arrested for minor offences as part of preventive measures. Together we can prevent the spread of Covid 19.

5. For information or complaints regarding covid 19 called the following toll free number 080097000010 or text Coronavirus to 24453.

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