Coronavirus: I and family have not tested positive for Coronavirus- Footballer Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa, Super Falcons player, has precluded reports from claiming he and his relatives testing positive for Coronavirus.

Musa in a post shared on his Instagram page, said they all as of late came back from Dubai and have been in separation. He says this doesn't mean they have the infection as hypothesized.
'It has come to my notice that certain individuals have decided to post ????? ???? about me testing positive to Covid 19. ?
This is a pandemic taking peoples lives in thousands so it is sad that some people want to use this to gain followers or views on their pages by spreading falsehood. ?
?? ?????? ??? ? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ??? ??????????'? ???? ?? ????????? ??? ?? ???? not because any of us have the virus.?
We are perfectly okay and have not tested positive to the virus. Please don't fall for the malicious messages circulating about me or my family. ?
???? ????, ???????? ?????? ??????????.'' he wrote

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