Kano government arrests Imam for holding Juma’at prayer amid Coronavirus lockdown

The Imam of Gwammaja Mosque has been captured by the Kano State for holding Juma'at petition, despite ora lockdown request gave to check the spread of Coronavirus.

Review that the Kano State government had requested an all out lockdown in the state for seven days after four instances of COVID-19 were affirmed, beginning from Thursday sixteenth April.

The Imam challenged the lockdown request and purportedly held Friday congregational supplication at the mosque.

Representative Ganduje's media assistant, Salihu Yakasai affirmed the capture and he tweeted;
The Imam of Gwammaja Mosque that performed Friday Prayers tday in Kano despite the lockdown order has been arrested. The lockdown was with the full blessings of all the Imams in the State from the different islamic sects. The only way to enforce social distancing is lockdown.

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