George Floyd's killing shows the true face of US' - Iran's supreme leader Khamenei joins China to criticize US

Iran's incomparable pioneer, Ayotellah Khamenei, has joined China to censure the US saying the police executing of unarmed African-American George Floyd shows the "genuine face" of the US and its abuse of the people groups of the world, including its own.

Floyd's killing by a white cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a week ago monday has started dissents over the US for seven days driving President Donald Trump to arrange the military to intercede in states where the governors are 'excessively feeble' to 'command and take control'

The fights which has demonstrated the incredible racial partition and separation existing in the US has harmonized with the world's deadliest Coronavirus episode that has murdered more than 100,000 individuals in the US.

Iran has now come out to condemn the US.

"The way that a cop has wantonly squeezed his knee on the throat of a dark man until he kicked the bucket and that other cops viewed on without taking any kind of action is the same old thing," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a broadcast discourse Wednesday in Iran.

"It is the genuine essence of America, it's what it has consistently done everywhere throughout the world – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and different nations, and before that in Vietnam.

"It is the ordinary strategy of the US, it's the genuine substance of their system," Khamenei said.

"These are real factors that have consistently been covered or covered up, however they are not new," he said in a discourse on the 31st commemoration of the passing of his forerunner, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

The a great many individuals fighting nearby other people, hacking viciously when hit by police nerve gas, may prompt an upsurge in contaminations., and Khamenei whose nation has detailed more than 8,000 passings due to Covid-19 has condemned the US' treatment of the pandemic.

"Express gratitude toward God, (US pioneers) have just been disparaged by their activities — their treatment of the coronavirus has undermined and disgraced them around the globe," Khamenei said of the 106,000 passings from COVID-19 previously enrolled in the US.

As of Wednesday, Iran's wellbeing service announced a sum of 8,012 passings. Pressures among Tehran and Washington heightened forcefully in 2018, after Trump singularly pulled back the US from the 2015 Iran Atomic arrangement haggled by Barack Obama.

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