We'll follow plunderers covering up in Ghana-EFCC chief, Ibrahim Magu says

Ibrahim Magu, the acting administrator of the Monetary and Money related Wrongdoings Commission EFCC, says the commission will before long be following Nigerian marauders right now stowing away in Ghana.

Talking when an assignment of the Contracted Foundation of Open Assets The executives and Legislative issues (CIPRMP) visited him in Abuja on Friday June 26, Magu said the commission is assembling assets to pursue the marauders and recoup the taken riches reserved in that nation.
“Corruption is a borderless crime. We are putting our resources together to allow us go to Ghana without restrictions and recovery our stolen property back home. I am appealing to Nigerians to trust the Commission with relevant information about corrupt practices in the country.
There are a lot of looters hiding in Ghana. We are already talking, we will bring them back. We will go bring the assets back to the country.” he said
Responding to claims that the Commission isn't straightforward in its exercises, the EFCC supervisor said
“We follow the international best practice when it comes to areas of investigations, tracing of looted assets, recovering looted assets. We all have our records. We are aware that we have ruffled many feathers. We have touched the untouchables and we have dared lions in their dens. We are doing all these, not because we love dangers and death, we are doing them because we value the comfort and development which anti-corruption brings.
We value good lives for our fellow men and women and we value better future for all our children. The costs of fighting corruption may be grave, but the costs of not fighting it is more deadly. This is why we continue to call on every Nigerian to enlist in the anti-graft war. A good war is a war that is waged by the majority for the good of the majority.”

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