Four Roles To Play As Parent

Parents have four major roles to play in the life of their children.





We must instruct our children:
*To behave well in public. 
*To rise up early each day. 
*To pray first thing as they rise.
*To be the first to greet people. 
*To clean up themselves properly. 
*To clean their environment. 
*To be early and timely to every daily tasks. 
*To be orderly. 
*To be respectful to people. 
*To speak in decent language. 
*To organise themselves. 
*To plan their schedules. 
*To have their daily timetable off hand.
*To comport themselves in quietness.
*To be articulate, reasonable and expectant. 
*To ask questions when in doubt. 
*To listen carefully with understanding. 
*To act with decorum, courtesy and humility always. 
*To defend the family name and image at all times.
*To obey elders, set rules and regulations. 
*To pray before retiring to bed at night. 

We must rebuke our children:
*When they portray laziness.
*When they are prayerless. 
*When they appear dirty. 
*When they're insolent. 
*When they speak foul languages. 
*When they speak improperly. 
*When they sit carelessly. 
*When they participate in unsolicited discussions.
*When they come late to appointments or tasks. 
*When they talk back to elders in anger. 
*When you notice pride in them. 
*When they become spendthrift.
*When they eat irregularly.
*When they cannot control their appetite. 
*When you notice ostentatious lifestyle in them.
*When they think about materialism always. 
*When they unnecessarily compare themselves with others. 
*When they speak abusively of other parents or elders or mates. 
*When you notice the spirit of hatred​ in them. 
*When they make hate speeches. 
*When they complain always about others. 
*When they move with suspicious characters. 
*When they are not extolling learning. 
*When they're not proud of academic achievements. 
*When they abuse their teachers at home. 
*When they discredit their school. 
*When they plan to revenge or retaliate against actions. 
*When they refuse to obey constituted authority. 
*When they fail to pray. 

Parents must Praise their children :
*When they do well in assignments and exams. 
*When they are properly dressed. 
*When they speak well in public. 
*When they speak well of their institution and teachers. 
*When they speak well of others. 
*When their carriage is decent. 
*When they express Godly values. 
*When they always talk about excellence. 
*When they spend less time watching TV. 
*When they spend more time studying. 
*When they spend less time talking. 
*When they spend more time listening. 
*When they spend right time praying.
*When they spend less time playing. 
*When they know what to do. 
*When they know what is right. 
*When they refuse to do what is wrong. 
*When their ambition is to be the best in good endeavours. 
*When they speak of becoming Great People.
*When they take action that meets good vision. 

Parents must Teach their children :
*How to live honest lifes. 
*How to live amongst people. 
*How to live in comfort with others. 
*How to love and appreciate others. 
*How to be fair to all concerned. 
*How to love their teachers, school and those in authority over them. 
*How to obey rules and regulations. 
*How to live in dignity and self esteem. 
*How to plan their future. 
*How to raise Godly homes. 
*How proper education answers to most of life's challenges. 
*How to escape from bad friendship. 
*How to pick a career. 
*How to develop their career. 
*How to pass through life successfully by depending on God and not man. 
*How to pass examinations without malpractice. 
*How to be studious and build their brains. 
*How to set academic standards for now and their future. 
*How to flaunt Excellent Achievements and not Beauty.
*How to be Intellectual Celebrities.
*How to have a vision. 
*That Godliness with contentment is great gain. 
*How to love GOD and their neighbor. 
*How to live in fear of GOD. 

When we play these roles,our children by the grace of GOD will come out great and we the parents will have a good old age and memorial

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