Shorts or Trousers? Which One Do You Love To Wear

Yessss, everyone's got their own preferences, maybe you're the conservative type and you like to keep yourself covered, or you feel shorts are too 'short'. Or maybe you love to show off those legs, I mean what better way to show off your great skin if not by flashing those legs?
I love shorts, I love trousers, I love bum shorts, love three quarter jeans. Cos I mean, each of them has its purposes, yeah?

Shorts are just perfect for an evening out, just to flex or chill with friends. Shorts are perfect with that loose off-shoulder top. Shorts are perfect with that big top you stole from your boyfriend, even though I feel leggings work just fine for that too. I mean, the point is to rock it, so whatever you feel sexy in. You're good.

Trousers are good for that semi-official outing, with fancy shoes to complete the attire. And that nice plaid button down shirt. You definitely look the part of "working woman looking to let down her hair".

Three quarter jeans, welll... Anything you like😂, Gimme ideas? What do you love to wear three quarter jeans with?
And Eiiii, bum shorts, most people would say don't wear it out of your house, but who cares? So long as you feel confident in what you're wearing, and you are sure you can defend your actions when those Nigerian mummies start talking, you're good baby. 

I think bum shorts are good for that little night date with boo tho. Or just for staying indoors, you know.. enjoy looking at those fresh thighs🤩. God knows I love the sight of my own thighs😌. Bum shorts are good for that club outing, perfect for that big top.. You know, just like those short Jean skirts that were trending just a little while ago.

So really, the debate really ain't no debate.. To each her own, and whatever item of clothing works best for you, just wear it, and feel good in your own skin, feel sexy wearing whatever. 

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