Two pastors Were Sentence To 26 years in jail for allegedly stealing N32m

Justice F. N. Azinge of the Delta State High Court sitting in Otor-Udu has indicted and condemned the pair of Minister Glory Okeoghene Aberefa and Reverend Vincent Okpogo to 16 and 10 years detainment separately for purportedly taking N32m. 

An announcement from the EFCC says the convicts, close by their organization, Mustard Seed Small scale Venture Constrained, were indicted by the Benin Zonal Office of the Monetary and Money related Violations Commission, EFCC, on 16-tally charges, verging on intrigue to take and taking, in opposition to Segment 516 and 390 (9) of the Criminal Code, Top 21, Vol 1, Laws of Delta Territory of Nigeria, 2006. 

They argued "not guilty" to the charges, upon their arraignment on June 19, 2017. 

Their preliminary by the EFCC lawful group of V. O. Agbaje and K. U. Udus followed a request and examination which fingered them in the taking of the whole of N32,516,620.00 (Thirty-2,000,000, 500 and Sixteen Thousand, 600 and Twenty Naira). 

The primary respondent, Minister Aberefa was condemned to one year detainment on every one of the 16 tallies, while the subsequent litigant, Reverend Okpogo was condemned to one year detainment each on check seven to 16, all of which run successively. 

It would be reviewed that the convicts, who are as of now serving terms in jail, having been prior imprisoned 17 years by both the Government High Court, Asaba and Delta State High Court, Warri, in Delta State, would carry out another punishment, which Equity Azinge said would produce results after they have finished the surviving 17 years detainment. 

Inconvenience began for the convicts, when under the appearance of running a money organization, they cheated many clueless individuals from people in general of a large number of naira, through their false Mustard Seed Smaller scale Speculation Restricted

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