10 Upcoming Artistes Olamide Has Helped In Last 5 Years In The Music Industry (No. 8 Is All Blown Now)

10 Upcoming Artistes Olamide Has Helped In Last 5 Years In The Music Industry (No. 8 Is All Blown Now)

 OFFICIAL Declaration!! – Nobody ought to ever slight Olamide again in Nigeria's music industry, "He Is A Fvck-ing Legend". 

It's stunning how one individual has had the option to stretch out the hand of help to numerous individuals underneath him during his life venture. 

Olamide was one-time an obscure forthcoming artiste in the river hood of Bariga, he comprehends everything all up and coming artistes are experiencing and he knows being a Top notch artiste, an assistance as meager as coordinated effort would go far, not to try and discuss contributing on them. 

Despite the fact that he has been condemned ordinarily for attempting to help coming artistes without marking them appropriately, he still put constantly youthful niggas on. 

The truth of the matter is, regardless of whether he gives any up and coming artiste legitimate marking or not, their vocation will encounter monstrous improvement once there is a Baddo hand in it. 

In 2017, we posted, "12 Nigerian Artistes Olamide Has Helped Blow" the post had artistes Olamide had helped since when he came to spotlight till 2016. 

From 2016 to date, Olamide is still in the matter of helping up and coming artistes.D No Specific Request Beneath Are Top 10 Up and coming Artistes Olamide Has Aided In Most recent 5 Years In The Music Business:- 

1. Limerick 

He joined YBNL in 2018 as a promising English with a mix of pidgin rapper on the YBNL group. 

Olamide made Limerick brand a YBNL venture subsequent to including on the track named "Pesin" by Limerick himself. 

After, "Pesin", Limerick delivered two or three undertakings under YBNL and was likewise engaged with the YBNL Mafia collection before his vanishing. 

The explanation for his unexpected vanishing from YBNL was not unveiled yet it shows up, Limerick himself wasn't fit to prevail with the mark. 

Be that as it may, with what Olamide has accomplished for him while in YBNL, Limerick has odds of becoming showbiz royalty in the music business, just on the off chance that he didn't surrender. 

2. Lyta 

He was marked to YBNL the way and time when Limerick was marked as well. 

In contrast to Limerick, Lyta had a somewhat effective profession run with YBNL. 

After the arrival of his tune "Time" including Olamide, and "self made" Lyta had all the earmarks of being the most significant artiste under YBNL around then. 

Lyta's effective profession run under YBNL at a point was met with a deluge of mark signings with no reasonable arrangement from the name as Olamide simply need to help as much artiste as possible. 

Following a while of not delivering tunes, Lyta brought the boldness to leave YBNL and moved to a somewhat genuine speculator hoping to keep dealing with his music profession from where Olamide had halted. 

While talking on television, Lyta made it realized that he never had a composed agreement with Olamide and he is appreciative for all that he has accomplished for him. 

He said;

“I don’t have any deal with YBNL or Olamide. Olamide saw me on the street and helped me, I don’t have any written contract with him…

YBNL and Olamide with always be part of my story. God bless Olamide, thank you for everything. No love lost

In the event that you missed the Lyta's passionate meeting after he left YBNL.

Making a decision about Lyta's most recent melody "Hold Me Down" where he hailed Olamide, it shows that Lyta is still exceptionally thankful to Olamide for all he has accomplished for him. 

3. Picazo 

After his shocking Chinko Ekun's "Able God" challenge video circulated around the web, Olamide got keen on the fair looking youthful artiste and burned through no an ideal opportunity to report him as a YBNL Mafia Family. 

Picazo's connection into YBNL family around then initially brought about a free coordinated effort with Olamide on the tune, "Macaroni" and a spotless all-cost paid music video. 

He was additionally remembered for the YBNL Mafia collection close by other YBNL acts around then. 

With much appreciationt to Olamide, Picazo moved to Senior Boyz record to proceed with his music profession. 

4. Yomi Blaze

Minutes after his companion Picazo got pulled up to YBNL, Olamide reported Yomi Blaze as YBNL Mafia Relative as well. 

Much the same as Picazo, Yomi Blaze got his own Olamide's cooperation on the tune "Ika" and a bonehead music video. 

Exactly when the Lyta adventure was on, Yomi Blaze got unbelievable. Words on the road had it that he was damaged about getting dropped from YBNL. 

From the appearance of things, Yomi Blaze is as yet effectively utilizing the stage Olamide gave him in spite of not having a record bargain. 

He has great melodies out now, for example, "OG" and "Purpose" highlighting Limerick and Jaaysounds. 

5. Bella Shmurda 

Olamide indicated enthusiasm for Bella Shmurda's music when his "Vision 2020 free-form video" became a web sensation a year ago. 

The YBNL supervisor proceeded to give the youthful chap an uncommon benefit of cooperation on the remix of the melody. 

We additionally heard that Olamide paid for the music video shoot as a method of empowering the LASU rising act. 

Do you see why God will consistently favor Baddo now? 

6. Jaido P 

Quick rising act, Jaido P is really the most recent recipient of Olamide's assistance for youthful and coming artistes in the Nigerian music industry. 

Exactly when fans were expecting something from Baddo, he posted a short scrap of the road relatable tune, "Tesinapot" where Jaido P included him. 

This melody is really a major lift for Jaido P's music profession as it is at present appreciating gigantic plays and streams. 

In case you're an admirer of road music and you've not tuned in to "Tesinapot" by Jaido P highlighting Olamide, you're feeling the loss of a great deal. 

Say that this melody raised Jaido P obviously over his nearest rap rival (I won't notice name) in the music business. All gratitude to Olamide🙏 

Perhaps the Jaido P's nearest opponent will step up when Vector or Think back bounces on a track with him – No joke proposed. 

7. Davolee 

After any semblance of Chinko Ekun, Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold and others left YBNL, Davolee was the following road act to profit by Olamide's nice thought. 

He was presented as a YBNL demonstration in 2016 when he played out his absolute first form of "festival Bar". 

Davolee who was only a mushin studio rodent and an obscure Instagram rapper turned into a major star when Olamide laid hands on his vocation. 

Rodo, as he is affectionately, called took a stab at YBNL yet his excursion with the mark finished after the arrival of YBNL Mafia Family collection. 

He left the name dependent on some justifiable individual choice which he uncovered in "festival Bar Section 4". 

Davolee is doing great today as an artiste in light of the fact that Olamide engaged in his melodic excursion. 

8. Fireboy 

His marking into YBNL didn't make any clamor contrasted with others he got marked with simultaneously. 

Fireboy is the artiste Olamide had a pen to paper contract with when he was all the while holding Lyta, Picazo, Limerick, Davolee, and others in the mark. 

He's acceptable a lot of good music in his bank and Olamide's impact in his music profession can't be thought little of. 

This is a person, Olamide showers acclaim on at each open door since he such a great amount of had confidence in him. 

The business knew Fireboy through Olamide and obviously, the youthful champ is headed to going global because of Olamide's impact and YBNL's development. 

Olamide is no uncertainty a remarkable person for sustaining this sort of ability. 

9. Jack Millz 

Olamide chose to make a collection of 9 tracks with 9 highlighted artistes, the majority of which are forthcoming artistes who are not known at all in the business. 

The collection was named "999" and one of the most noticeable up and coming follows up on the collection was "Jack Millz". 

While describing how he met a portion of the forthcoming follows up on the collection, Olamide said;

“People should watch out for Jayboi met him in Abeokuta IBD hotel.

He served me drinks and started freestyling for hours, he didn’t wanna leave.

I just had to put him on .. Cant wait to see him shine

 The 7th track of the album “Mojo” had Jay-Boi dropping some weird bars and many acknowledged his talent on the album.

Jay-Boi got a whole lot of media attention after the “999” album dropped.

God will continue to bless Olamide for always putting young artistes on.

In the journey of life, it’s about how many people can actually point to you as a source of their success and not how successful you become.

Once again, I say Olamide is a legend, he has worked hard, paid his dues, and helped people to succeed – how else can someone qualify to be a legend?

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