Eksuite!! Sweet Candy Or Sholex TGP – Which Of These Producer Is Eksu Best?

Sweet candy or Sholex TGP – Which Of These Producer Is Eksu Best?
 Such a large number of Eksuite Producers have endeavored to increase a great deal of acknowledgment from the crowd far and wide. 

This acknowledgment had made most of their artists to go additional miles to secure the names and reputation of their preferred producer like kilode.

Presently, "Sweet Candy" and "Sholex TGP" have gained of faithful artists in campus who battle messy via music stage.

Furthermore, these guys are really good in producing good vibes which make them the most popular producer on campus and top three preferred famous Producers at whatever point there is a hit.

I'm certain you all have ended up in Listen to Any of Songs they have produced or the other. 

Listen to the hook below before you jugde πŸ‘‡



Now reveal to us the Eksuite Producers is the best or has the best hit. 

As for me "TOPDEE" is Eksuite Best Producer.

So guys, Which Of These Producer Is Eksu Best?

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